Is ABS on the list of SAG payroll companies?

Yes, ABS is included on SAG’s list of payroll vendors.  ABS has over 30 years’ experience in the industry working with SAG-AFTRA productions under all contracts:

  • Theatrical (SPA, UPA, MPA, Low & Basic)
  • Television
  • New Media
  • Corporate, Educational, & Non-Broadcast Video
  • Commercial
  • Music Video
  • Interactive

What do SAG payroll companies do?

As an employer-of-record SAG payroll company, ABS assists with the payroll requirements set by the union as well as state and federal law.  When hiring SAG-AFTRA members, you are required to provide employee benefits and follow the applicable work rules such as paying overtime and providing proper breaks.  By hiring an experienced entertainment payroll company, you can ensure benefits are provided and all the performer payment rules are being followed.

Here are a few of the SAG requirements you meet when hiring SAG payroll companies:

  • Wages are properly taxed in all states
  • Workers Compensation Insurance is provided
  • Social Security & Medicare benefits are paid into
  • Unemployment Insurance and Disability benefits are paid into
  • Pension, Health, and Welfare Contributions are paid & reported
  • Payment and hour rules are followed, including overtime, premiums, and penalties

Additionally, your ABS contact can also help adjust your payroll budget or anticipate costs.  Productions sometimes go over-budget by not preparing for overtime, travel days, hold days, or other union payroll items, so the benefit of using a SAG payroll company is that ABS can help estimate these payroll costs or clarify union rules.

How is a SAG payroll company different?

Under most SAG signatory contracts, you are required to hire a payroll company experienced in the industry.  Union payroll houses are familiar with the specific requirements and rules of the governing CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement), and understand the unique world of production.  By using a SAG payroll company, you help ensure a smooth working relationship with the union and keep your talent happy.

How do I hire SAG payroll companies?

ABS can have clients set up within 24-48 hours.  You can fill out our quote request form here to get the process started:

Or, give us a call to discuss project setup: (818) 848-9200

Once you have a payroll contract in place, your paymaster will assist with providing payroll forms, assisting with general payroll or SAG questions, and processing paychecks.