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ABS payroll is your one-stop shop for payroll processing, from initial production to the residuals processing stage.  Once your project starts generating revenue, the residuals obligations kick in. Our expert residuals staff will process residuals swiftly and accurately, and will work with your team to ensure the best residuals strategy.

Residuals payroll processing includes:

  • Residuals calculations based on sales / distribution revenue, the applicable Union CBA(s), the CAMA, and initial employee compensation and contracts
  • Residuals calculating and processing for all major entertainment unions, including SAG-AFTRA, DGA, WGA, and IATSE
  • Interpretation of the applicable union contracts, the CAMA, and applicable sales / distribution agreements
  • All applicable payroll tax deductions and remittance
  • All applicable employer-side payroll tax remittance and reporting
  • Union Pension, Health, and Retirement plan calculations and remittance
  • Residuals expense reporting for all invoiced costs
  • Quarterly reminders on active residuals accounts

Compliance and Peace-of-Mind

Accuracy is integral to ensuring compliance with the requirements of the various governing agreements covering residuals payments.  Your dedicated ABS residuals representative will work with you each step of the way to collect the proper documentation, assess your obligations, and calculate and process payments due.  Having an experienced residuals payroll house gives you peace-of-mind that the union and legal payroll obligations are being handled, and allows you to move on faster to the next creative pursuit!

CAMA and Residuals Payroll Processing

Some residuals payments are paid out of a dedicated, 3rd-party account governed by a Collection Account Management Agreement (CAMA).   The CAMA lays out the distribution of funds once a sales or distribution deal starts generating revenue—who gets paid when, and how much.  The benefits of a CAMA are:

  • 3rd-party management of revenue payouts means impartial and transparent allocations
  • Uses a bankruptcy-remote entity to mitigate financial risks
  • Helps ensure SAG-AFTRA compliance in the absence of a Distributor’s Assumption Agreement
  • Includes a set-aside for Residuals payroll obligations

There are two very reputable services that will offer CAM services:

Freeway-Entertainment is the world’s premiere CAM company, providing many direct and ancillary services for rights and revenue management: