Real-Time Control: ABS Production Accounting Software Explained

By February 14, 2024Accounting
Discover How to Unlock Efficiency with Our ABS Production Accounting Software!


  • Budgeting is crucial for indie filmmakers to prioritize spending, plan for contingencies, and attract investors with professionalism.
  • Production accounting software maintains a balance between creativity and finance, offering clarity in managing budgets effectively.
  • Filmmakers praise ABS Payroll for consistent, knowledgeable, and flexible service, regardless of budget size.
  • ABS software offers real-time expense monitoring, vital for small productions where every dollar counts. Schedule a demonstration!

What differentiates a large production from a small one is usually not how good or bad the final product is. It’s the amount of money they have. Large productions have multimillion-dollar budgets that allow them to move freely with filming expenses. For small productions and indie filmmakers, this is not so simple. They must work with a limited budget where every dollar counts and must be put to the best use since if the money runs out, the entire production can be in trouble.

It is from this shortage of resources that it becomes vital to have clear accounts and know what happens with each dollar spent. But this is easier said than done. Accounting is a big responsibility that takes a lot of time, but you can find an easier way to do it with ABS’ cutting-edge production accounting software. Read on to learn more about how ABS Payroll and its software can help you make your independent film a success.

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The Importance of Budgeting

When many indie filmmakers start their careers, they believe that the only things they need to film are actors, a camera, and a script (and this is sometimes optional). However, they quickly realize that making a film is not that simple and costs money, and that is where accounting and budgets come into play.

Before starting to record, estimating the costs of your production is essential. With limited funds, budgeting helps prioritize where money should be spent. This lets you be clear about how much you can spend on what. And in the same way, a reasonable budget gives a roadmap for managing finances throughout production. It helps filmmakers anticipate expenses, plan for contingencies, and ensure they have enough funds to complete the project.

Having clear budgets also helps you when it comes to getting investors. Knowing how much you will spend on your production and what use you will give to the money makes investors feel more confident about what you are doing and believe in your project. A detailed budget demonstrates professionalism and accountability.

Likewise, a clear and well-organized budget shows all your collaborators that you can meet your legal and contractual obligations, such as paying cast and crew salaries, obtaining necessary permits, and securing rights for music and other content.

Finally, as you make your budget, you must consider the possible risks. It is always better to have some extra money in case of unforeseen events, which always exist, and that these do not destroy the budget of the entire production, forcing cuts in other areas.

Filmmaking is a delicate balance between creativity and finance. Production accounting software helps filmmakers maintain that balance by providing financial clarity and control.

ABS Production Accounting Software Top Features

Since you know the importance of clear production accounts, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Most indie filmmakers are not expert accountants; they are not even beginners, and they probably do not have enough money to pay for one, so for both them and their producers, it’s best to have software specialized in audiovisual productions such as ABS payroll production accounting software.

ABS’ production accounting software is a specialized tool designed for indie filmmakers and small productions, offering streamlined financial management solutions. Its top features are:

  • Real-time cost reporting & hot costs: This feature allows you to monitor production expenses in real time, providing instant updates on spending. “Hot costs” refer to urgent or unexpected expenses that arise during production, and this feature ensures they are promptly accounted for.
  • Multiple budgets per project: You can create and manage various budgets within a single project. This feature is beneficial for tracking different funding sources and providing flexibility in budget management.
  • Streamlined payroll integration: The software seamlessly integrates with payroll systems, automating payroll processing for your cast and crew members. This integration ensures accurate and efficient payment disbursement while minimizing administrative tasks.
  • Fast importing + exporting capabilities ABS payroll software allows you to import and export data from other systems or applications easily. This feature saves you time and enhances workflow efficiency.
  • Detailed reporting functions: The software offers robust reporting capabilities, allowing you to generate detailed reports on production finances. These reports provide insights into budget performance, expenses, and other key metrics.
  • Live tech support: You can access live technical support to assist with any issues or questions you may encounter while using the software, ensuring prompt resolution of problems and enhancing user experience.
  • Easy navigation and user interface: The software features a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate to provide accessibility for users of all skill levels.
  • Built by producers, accountants, and film executives: ABS Payroll production accounting software was developed by a team with industry experience, including producers, accountants, and film executives. All this expertise ensures that the software addresses the specific needs and challenges filmmakers and production accountants face, providing a comprehensive solution tailored to the industry.

In the world of filmmaking, every dollar counts. Production accounting software helps filmmakers achieve that.

Benefits of ABS’ Production Accounting Software

Well, at this point, you must think that the Features are very good. But what advantages does this software have? Can it change the way you budget your productions? Well, let’s see. These are the main benefits that ABS software offers you:

  • Enhanced budget control: Obviously, this should be the first benefit to be mentioned since it is the benefit that changes everything in the way you produce your audiovisual pieces. With support for multiple budgets per project, you can easily track different funding sources, improving budget control and helping to ensure funds are appropriately allocated throughout the production process.
  • Efficient Cost Management: Closely linked to the previous benefit but at the same time a plus. We all know that productions have unforeseen expenses or last-minute changes. The software provides real-time cost reports and cost tracking, allowing you to monitor expenses as they occur and plan accordingly while minimizing risks.
  • Streamlined Payroll Processing: Payroll seems like something out of a horror movie to many people, especially if you are an indie filmmaker who knows more about film than accounting and law. With ABS software, payroll will no longer be a problem for your production, and you will be able to concentrate on the filming process since the software automates all the payments you must make to the cast and crew.
  • Industry expertise: It doesn’t seem like a big advantage, but it is. There are many accountings software on the market. Still, most are not designed for projects of this type, so their characteristics will not adapt to your needs. This software was developed by producers and filmmakers who knew the projects’ needs. So, using it will be much easier and meet the needs and expectations.
See How Our Production Accounting Software Simplifies Budgeting for Your Production.

Client Testimonials

If you are still not completely sure that we are the right fit for you, our clients can speak to us! Most of them are filmmakers with tight budgets that other companies did not want to serve. This is what they say about ABS Payroll and their service!

We have worked with ABS Payroll for over 10 years and have done every film and television project with them. Our company has grown a great deal in that time, yet we were always treated as a valuable client at every phase of our development, no matter the budget level of the project. All of the staff (Kris, Justin, Daniel, Violet, etc.) are knowledgeable, patient and thorough. We look forward to continuing to work and grow with ABS Payroll.”

Tricia Wood, Producer

“ABS completed all of our payroll on time and on budget. Made our financier feel comfortable and managed the paperwork process for actors who didn’t do their paperwork correctly. Highly recommend for films in $1-$5M range”

Irwin Miller, Assistant Director 

“Easy to work with, flexible, we were able to work out the specific details of our projects with them even as they changed. Great experience every time.

Ian McClellan, producer

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At ABS Payroll, we have almost 40 years of experience in the entertainment payroll industry. We have worked with large and small productions, which has positioned us as one of the best allies of the industry for everything that has to do with accounting and payroll.

We are deeply committed to offering the best experience to large production companies and indie filmmakers so they can finish their projects the best way.

Trust us in our experience of almost 40 years in the industry and schedule your demo of our software today. Start planning your production and make sure that when the cameras start rolling, the only worry you have is saying, “Cut, it stays.”

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