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Have you thought about Production Accounting services? Is that a reason why you are here? ABS Payroll can offer Production Accounting for Modified Low Budget Productions, Low Budget Productions or IATSE Union Production Accounting for productions up to $10 Million.


ABS Payroll & Production Accounting Services, offers a wide variety of options, when it comes to budgeting for your next production. As the assigned accounting firm on your movie production, we would want to ensure that you properly payroll out all actors and crew members should you decide to utilize our production accounting services. ABS Payroll does not want to be held accountable for “1099’ing the wrong individuals” [Click here to read more]


With 30 years of industry experience in entertainment production accounting, ABS is “The Independent Filmmaker’s Choice”® when it comes to assisting producers working on any sized project. Working closely with Line Producers and UPM’s, our team of dedicated in-house production accountants will maintain your financial records digitally from prep to post.


Whether you need a production accounting team on-site/location or simply a professional production accountant that can work remotely, our custom production accounting solutions will make sure that you know where your production stands financially. Industry standard detailed cost reports will keep you on track and on budget.


Getting studio quality reporting is not out of the question and our clients save thousands of dollars with our professional, courteous and effective production accounting services. With our web-based accounting program, you can print checks from your production offices or even your hotel room. No matter what sized production you have, keeping accurate track of costs is a must. Let ABS put together a production accounting plan that will fit your budget.


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Production Accounting Software – ABS is currently in development, stay tuned or inquire with an email for more information to Kris King, Vice President (