Saving You Money On Your SAG Low Budget Project!

Saving You $$$ On Your SAG Low Budget Project


Dear SAG Low-budget Filmmaker:


When you’re producing a SAG-AFTRA low-budget feature or short, we both know that every penny counts. At ABS, we’ve been helping independent filmmakers save money with their payroll and production accounting costs since 1985. The following downloadable $150.00 savings certificate is our way of helping you start cutting costs immediately.

SAG Certificate

Not sure where to turn for your payroll needs? Don’t even waste your time going to the “bigger” payroll companies. Unless you’re bringing them a very "large" payroll - they won’t be interested in your “small” production!


Unlike the “big guys”, our business has steadily grown over the years by helping the smaller, up & coming filmmaking community. We know our clients by name, not some account number. We provide the old fashioned one-on-one customer service you just don’t find at other companies. We enjoy working with the new (and more than likely), less experienced filmmakers. We’ll be happy to mentor you through the somewhat confusing world of SAG-AFTRA payroll and production accounting for your production. We know how to get the job done right and at a cost you can afford!


In addition to actually processing checks for your SAG-AFTRA talent, we also handle your SAG Final Cast List as well as your SAG-AFTRA Pension reports. We urge you not to try and “do it yourself” on these two important documents. Many producers try filling out the pension reports themselves and literally end up overpaying on the pension - wasting unnecessary money by making contributions based on 100% of the actor’s income.


NOT ALL SAG-AFTRA INCOME IS PENSIONABLE! If you pay the SAG-AFTRA pension based on the performers’ total earnings, you may be giving away money that could otherwise stay in your production bank account. Also, if your reports are not properly prepared, submitted on time and “in balance”, you’ll have a difficult time getting your SAG bond back on a timely basis. You concentrate on production - we’ll make sure that your SAG-AFTRA payroll requirements are met. After all, we’ve been working with SAG-AFTRA for 30 years!


By the way - we can help you with your crew payroll and production accounting as well! Give us a call at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.